Monday, December 13, 2010

when in doubt, go to sleep

i spent the entire day with my highschool friends today
i have missed them dearly. one of my friends might actually be a real life GG and spent a good part of the day telling me mortifying stories about girls from the past. with a few being particularly interesting, and one about a past fling (i will have to talk about this tomorrow. im sure the news contributed to my sudden mood change)
i ate surprisingly well, but not well enough to not feel as awful as i do now
i had about 180 cals for breakfast with this random noodle thing i tried to make, didnt like it so i threw it away, i passed on the burrito at our local mexican place, but managed to let one of my friends shove a tiny taco my way...urg. it might have been anywhere from 120ish cals to 230ish cals.
where i did managed to royally fuck up was in the matter of holiday cookies.
damn those things.
i had about 4.5 servings, thats what, 600 fucking cals?!?
i am frustrated and very hungry, and dont have much to say other than i love my friends but i cannot and will not get fat while they are home.
i didn't work out today, and honestly i think im going to take my sorry ass to bed now. so not to eat the rest of the world.
today i weighed in at 138.

maybe next time i should pass on the holifuckingday "cheer" and grab my pack of camel lights instead


  1. And this is yet another reason why I hate the holidays! It really makes us do such stupid things! I can't wait for this year to be over.

    I'm avoiding all Christmas family get-togethers and friendly reunions like a tax dodge! Plus I'm really driving home the fact that I'm an Atheist and therefore, don't believe in Christmas and it's evil cookies! Grinchy little bitch, aren't I?!

    Hope you feel better soon, Babe. XXX.

  2. When in doubt go to sleep - Amen to that! Best piece of advice ever. <3