Sunday, December 12, 2010

"He who seeks rest finds boredom"

-dylan thomas
who knew all those days that i spent bitching/longing to get home that once i arrived there would be
so last night was fun
i guess my parents christmas party was more of a gathering but i enjoyed getting drunk with an old highschool friend
foodwise i ate maybe 4 tablespoons of rice and a fucking pork chop?!
today i did ok. i thought i would wake up feeling hungry as hell after a night of ETOH (as my dad likes to call it. science freak) but i didnt, which im happy about. instead i woke up and immediately went to pick my brother from another highschool exam.
i had a slice of thin crust cheese pizza--the website says its 210 cals, and then i had about half of another pork chop while feeding my little cousin
i dont have much to chat about, and im starting to feel bored. which is just too bad because im home till april.holyfuckingshit.
im going to africa in 2 weeks which is great, and i think california in january and dubai in march so i have these things to look forward to
since at the present moment im nowhere fancy but home, i think ill go work out my boredom.

wherever the fuck they are really looks quite pleasant.

i worked out for about 29 minutes on the treadmill and burt 215 cals. woo. 
still bored.

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