Saturday, December 11, 2010

i did say that i would write everything i consumed on this blog.

sooo in keeping with that
i caved and consumed a peperoni hot pocket.
it was 75% still cold but i had already waddled upstairs by the time i realized this and i am far to comfortable in my parents bed.
eek. i hope i dont get poisoning
i mean, ill totally deserve it for a. eating, pure toxin in the form of preserved food b. eating in general

i did rationalize that a. my diet pills (prescription, wooo for having an uncle in the pharmacy industry) only activate with a little food and b. if i eat now i wont eat later. which is always better.

i also am shameless. i found what i want for christmas.
these beautiful woven leather ballet flats by prada
my dad said no last night-rightly so. he found my other blue prada ballet flats that i just "had to have" a few christmas' ago shoved in the back of my closet, but the thing is the hurt like a bitch, but being the space cadet he is, left his screen up this morning and i spotted he went back to have a second look. yiiiiippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

i swear ill buy one size up so "pinched toes" arnt a reason to shove them in the closet!


  1. Ughh...! Why does eating always make us feel like such shit?! I live for a future where we take meal tablets. Perfect nutrition, few calories and no guilt!

    Those shoes are gorgeous, hope you get them. Also thanks for your comment. Have a great weekend. X.

  2. they are so lovely i hope he gets them! x