Saturday, January 22, 2011

day 1

of a protein shake for lunch and breakfast and a small low carb meal for dinner also tomorrow i start p90x!!

i wanted to start today but like an idiot i took an adderall this morning even though i really didnt need it but my parents wanted me to clean up and i wasnt in the mood?

did pretty good with my shake. it tastes actually REVOLTING. but i drank the whole thing for breakfast. i skipped the lunch shake. and then had a 260 cal pasta premade dinner.

gahhhhhh ive been gone for so long. when i got back home i was in a frenzy with my job, but ive finally settled and im back!

Friday, January 7, 2011


this is africa
my loves!
compliments of the season/happy new years and everything ive missed!!
ive been in europe/africa for the past 20 days with no internet, so this was my first chance to say hi.
i miss reading everyones blogs but i will be home next week and i cannot wait!!
i have a lotttt of updates and i cant wait to read everything that people have written.
hope everyone is well

dear followers, you are the loyal(est). love you all and i will be back in full force next week once i get HOME!!