Wednesday, December 15, 2010

trying the same thing over and over but expecting different results is

so im trying something different this time
i failed at blogging yesterday, and i failed at eating today
i read a lot but couldnt write in my own.
anyways this will be a quick post as i am utterly ashamed about my eating today
i ate literally from the moment i woke up and felt faint, and pretty much never stopped.
i should write out exactly what i had so i can be ashamed and never let it happen again but of course i dont really remember everything but ill give you guys a picture
1. half of a meat pie
2. one hash brown from mcdonalds
3. small waffle fries from chick-fil-e
3. 8 chicken nuggets from chick-fil-e
4. 2 donuts: one galzed, one strawberry frosted
5. 3 servings of chicken jambalya pasta from the cheesecake factory
6. 1 dinner roll with butter
7. 2 servings of mashed potatoes
8. and the bullet that killed it all...half of a slice of red fuckingvelvet cheesecake

wait thats actually what i had today. no cutting corners. no things left out.
i probably consumed upwards of 6,000 calories
i was doing so well until i fucked up.
i really want to freak out, but im not letting myself. im going to pick my jaw (and ass too at this point) off the floor and move on.
im trying to look at the brightside; for the past week ive been eating fine, in our standards, but probably like a toddler in reality
tomorrow ill fast and...

start this new workout called 90x. i got the videos today.
its a 90 day work out regime- 6 days a week; 1hourish a day
its really for men but ive read so many reviews so im going to go for it (i didnt work out yesterday even though i was scheduled to do so)
women typically see results but i think that they keep eating the same amount; ive heard by altering your diet, which lets be real, i dont need to alter that much, maybe include more veggies/fruits 
you get fantastic results

ill posts pictures tomorrow, and then a second round at the beginning of the second phase (day 30) and then at the beginning of the third phase (day 60) and obviously ill show you pictures on day 90 so we can judge for ourselves how well the program works

theres a lot to it but i think you hit almost every area of your body. ill probably cut out the yoga part (i really shouldnt, but honestly i can stretch on my own and the reviews say the trainer is kind of bad at it. ill replace that segment with running on my treadmill)

i was 136 yesterday, but im pretty sure im back to 140. im not going to peak until tomorrow morning. no point looking now since i know for a fact i probably ate about 10lbs worth of food today.

hoping to be toned and lean after these 90days of hell.
lets go


  1. It always starts with feeling faint in the morning, doesn't it? Not the kind-of-reassuring-faint, but the oh-fuck-I-literally-can't-climb-my-stairs-faint. That's when everything usually collapses for me.

    Must find a solution..

    The 90 day workout plan sounds absolutely brilliant, can't wait to hear how it goes :)

    All my love, and don't be too hard on yourself,
    Adeline xx

  2. Sorry about the binge, hun! Just remember--it's one bad day, and you can make all the days ahead good ones. <3

  3. i'm sorry about the binge - i know how you must be feeling. just remember that you can make it up tomorrow