Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"500days of Fall"

sorry ive been so mia the past three days
i took an impromptu trip to the city yesterday and then passed out right when i got back
foodwise ive been doing ok.
monday, tuesday: i know i had under a 1000 both days i dont quite remember the little things. i did exercise and burn about 250cals on mondayy.
today: i had a serving of wild rice (310 cals, if not way less b/c i made it without the margarine and subsituted a little olive oil) and 6 chicken nuggets (180). im at about 490 cals for today and im not eating anything else. i ran for about 50 minutes and burned appx 350 cals. when i drop my brother off at futbol ill go on an hour long walk while he practices.
this is a short post but i think my new goal is: 500 calories or below everyday for fall. 
ill update on more lifematters later today.
im really going to have to fall in love with coffee to stay under 500 but it'll be so worth it. 


  1. Those coffee cups look so pretty!
    I want to start liking black tea and coffee, because when I take it with 20 calories of skim milk it really adds up. Not to mention 200 calorie skim latte's i've indulged in....
    My goal is under 500 as well! It's spring here in australia though.

  2. go black coffee with 2 sweeteners - i find if anything is sweet enough then i'll love it! if 500 calories becomes too tricky you can try 700 one day and 200 the next...will help metabolism too! x

  3. 500 is like my magic number, although most days I got a little over. But I figure it's a number with some wiggle room. Good luck!!