Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Tis a lesson you should heed: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

- A Teachers Manual, Thomas H. Palmer

i fuckedd up my fast.
big surprise there.
i freakkked at some point in the early morning because my paper which thank god, is finally done and over was not going anywhere, i was past the point of caring, and i misinterpreted my spliting headache with hunger when in reality it was me coming to realize i was writing a paper with no direction.
anyways im re-starting my fast today. i want to be discouraged and just be like fuck it, but something keeps driving me to persevere.
today was embarrassing though. i started off with cheerios and guda cheese and carrs crackers.
all hell broke loose when my brother returned from his match with gummy lifesavers. i caught myself, took a deep breath and happened to fucking exhale INHALE disgusting amounts of chinese food. i had 3 steamed pork dumplings (duh!) and a shitton of chicken and broccoli. thankfully i managed to catch myself before burying my head into the mound of rice at least i did something right?

ive been sipping on diet coke for the past 2 hours though. i watched charlie and the chocolate factory and started cant buy me love until i decided it was time to face reality and take pictures of my body and inspect.
well for one thing im fat but you guys already knew that.
what i did discover is that im having  sick reaction to mosquito bites all up and down my butt. cute. not.
i will post a picture of myself, well of my body. it would be to my disadvantage, and to your misfortune to have to not only bear my 20 ton body, but also my face.
read: im a stinking coward, but i want a job in the coming years. 
blah i feel like i had so much to say but ive already forgotten it all. be prepared to read blogs about nothing. literally. for the next 15(ish) days until i return to uni and have something interesting, or in my mind, tragic to share.
problem areas: femur, gluteus maximus, stomachus, medius, and the most fucked up of all:cerebrum


  1. u look really great! good luck with the fast xx

  2. You are hysterical, madam! Yay for avoiding the rice. Chinese food is so evil. I always try to be good, but end up beasting like 4 spring rolls.

    Good luck with re-starting the fast! You can do it!!!