Friday, September 3, 2010

"Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine”

- St. Thomas Aquinas

ohhh hahaha, i remember the days as a young catholic school girl frequenting the Aquinas house...back when things were still simple and good.
i promised id post when i got tempted and boy did i get tempted.
what i did instead what jump into the shower. i shaved. washed my hair. my face. everything.
im a little less hungry, but i realize the reason that this is so difficult is because i still need to finish up this dreaded paper. i dont know how i do it in school. actually i do. when im on my best behavior i go to the library right after class and get my assignments done because i know that i wont eat later read: i wont have the mental capacity to string two words together or solve x amount of calculus problems. 
i forgot about those good things that come with control. hunger. goood grades. 
speaking of which my dad tried to have a premed conversation today. i didnt let it go very far, in fact when it got in the heat of things i reminded him i need a new computer and was promised a new macbook pro! and that i want, nope not need, but desperately want new oxford shoes for the fall and these beautiful skinny black current/elliot corderious.
the good thing about having a clueless vain dad: he actually believes me when i say that jeans make  the gal. he also shamelessly feeds into my obsession for fashion and knows that i look fat in paige denim and that true religions do miracles for the ass i inherited from my mum. go him for being a pseudo woman.
back to the paper. now i just want to submit whatever. my professor emailed me telling me not to rush...dont rush!? are you fucking kidding me. i would do anything to be done.... well almost anything, short of actually just writing it.
i swear the next time on on here ill be DONE. and we will never hear of this paper again. amen.
it would be so rad to come out of the shower looking like this...skinniness, cig, and all


  1. Oh, Catholic school..... such fond memories. :/

    I still have nightmares about Sister Clara and her Ruler. And making us kneel on a marble floor in front of a statue of Mary and say the ENTIRE bloody rosary. Every time I see a nun, my immediate reaction is to flinch and put my hands behind by back.

    Hope you're getting that paper done, and doing good with the fast! Thanks for your response to my short story assignment. There's some of my stuff posted on my other website:

    There's a little of everything- adult, middle grade and YA fiction, some general and the middle grade stuff is fantasy-ish.... :D

  2. Thanks for posting a comment so quickly (:

    I really really like your blog. Or I like what I've read so far. Your dad sounds pretty awesome too :P

    Anyway, hope the paper is going well, and proud of you to read that you resisted temptation. Wish we all could be that strong. gah. Sorry to read your comment about you screwing up this morning though. But it's understandable, I know if it was me, I would have screwed up long before you did.

    I really hope my boy goes back. I don't think I could handle hell, and yes, he is full on serious. I'm extremely worried. And don't be jealous, you'll find your One (: You sound like a lovely person, so I have no doubt that you'll find them soon.

    amen to that.
    xx v