Sunday, October 3, 2010

"we are all mad here"

my parents discovered the blog, so i had to take a hiatus for a bit.
ive been back at school for about a week (yay. not). and im already to go back home
food wise ive been ok, peoplewise, i still dislike 99% of the population here.
ugh someone savemeeee.
i went to the doctors yesterday and she found ketones in my urine. she says its my body attacking itself. funnily enough, i dont think i had fasted for more than 2 days by the time i got to her.
i got in a HUGE fight .2% of the 1% of people i actually like here. it was awkward. they pegged all of my boy problems on body issues. well that was a no brainer? on the flip side, they did say i had the nicest body they've  seen. well duh. cut out food, and i hope by now people can at least bear to look at my body.
did i mention i was ready to go home?
classes are ok. in fact they are better than ok. im back in the premed swing, but o.m.g if someone had told me i would need all of that worthless bullshit i learned in my 7th grade geometry class...boy would i have done things a lot differently.
adkljfsdlk i miss reading everyones blog. im so glad to be back, and even more glad that my leave of absence wasn't as long as it could have been. bahhhh spending all of tomorrow after my physics test reading all you lovely ladies blogs, writing back. i hope everyones been ok, and nothing tragic has happened, for you guys are my vox clamantis.

someone get me the fuckouttahere


  1. that sucks that your parents discovered it!! that's my worst nightmare, especially as my parents literally have no idea how i feel about food and what i'm trying to do. hope they aren't giving you too much crap! stay strong beautiful xx

  2. I'm glad you're back, luv! Hope school gets better. I know how you feel - I had a rotten few semesters like that when I switched colleges, but it got way better after a while! xXx