Saturday, January 22, 2011

day 1

of a protein shake for lunch and breakfast and a small low carb meal for dinner also tomorrow i start p90x!!

i wanted to start today but like an idiot i took an adderall this morning even though i really didnt need it but my parents wanted me to clean up and i wasnt in the mood?

did pretty good with my shake. it tastes actually REVOLTING. but i drank the whole thing for breakfast. i skipped the lunch shake. and then had a 260 cal pasta premade dinner.

gahhhhhh ive been gone for so long. when i got back home i was in a frenzy with my job, but ive finally settled and im back!


  1. Welcome back! Can't believe you were in Africa and didn't come say 'hi' to me! Kidding.

    You new plan sounds awesome. Best of luck with it! <3. XXX.

  2. Just found you through my beautiful Adeline so I decided to say hello :). Going to read your older posts, and, by the way, welcome home!